Cold Air Intake Systems for Better Auto Performance

Cold air intake systems are created to carry cooler air into the engine bay in order to enhance performance and boost fuel economy. The reason this works comes from the fundamental functions of the internal combustion engine.

A fuel and air mixture is presented into the combustion chamber prior to being compressed and fired up. The resulting response is highly exothermic, producing energy in the form of quickly broadening gas and heat, which is utilized to drive the piston down for this reason produce useful rotational energy.


Reputable auto parts stores like “Pro Speed Racing” highly recommend cold air intake systems for people looking to improve the performance of their vehicle and for good reasons. The power generated per stroke depends on the performance with which the fuel burns within the combustion chamber. The more oxygen that exists, the better the fuel will burn thus the more effectively the engine will run. In this regard, you will not only improve the engine horsepower bu fuel economy as well.


How does it work?


The air utilized throughout combustion is normally extracted from within the engine bay, for that reason is fairly warm due to the excess heat created by the engine itself. Regrettably, the hotter the air, the thinner becomes thus the lower the oxygen capacity for a given volume. The option? Present cooler air from an external source, which is exactly what a cold air intake system does. Cooler air brings more oxygen per device volume, providing a better environment for combustion to occur. The outcome is a more effective burn and in turn higher performance and greater fuel economy.


Although more efficiency might be acquired by cooling the air further, cold air intake systems supply a practical solution to enhance performance and improve fuel economy.


The specific enhancement will vary heavily from vehicle to vehicle, and depends upon the reduction in temperature of air going into the carburettor. Several web sources like quote gains of around 8-25 horsepower depending on application, which is an extremely significant boost in performance. Add this to the few extra miles per gallon and fairly low cost, and it is easy to see why cold air consumption systems have ended up being so popular.


Some likewise find the sound created by the intake appealing, though this is more of a negative effect than a performance gain.The most basic intake systems involve replacing the stock airbox with a brief ram air consumption, though the efficiency of these depends on the air circulation available. For better results, many attempt to shield the air filter from excess heat and draw air from cooler parts of the engine bay.

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Standing on the Townsville podium seemed to be within reach for Fabian Coulthard today after an excellent qualifying performance, but it was not to be.

Starting from P8 the Lockwood Racing driver completed his first stint on hard tyres before pitting for softs on lap 17. He came out behind Rick Kelly, whose tyres were several laps older, and appeared to make a clean pass before Kelly made contact with Coulthard’s left-rear tyre.

The impact saw Coulthard in the pits for 13 laps. He re-joined but stopped on track with 14 of the 72 laps remaining.

V8 Supercars will be back in action from August 3-5 for the Coates Hire Ipswich 300.

Fabian Coulthard
Lockwood Racing
“I think I gave Rick [Kelly] enough room, but I’m not going to give him three-and-a-half car widths to make him comfortable! He’s collected me and taken out my left-rear wheel. There wasn’t a hell of a lot I could do.

“I expected a bit better race craft from him than what he delivered, but then I’m sure he’ll think it’s my fault. We’ll see.

“We had a good enough race car to run in the top five today. Our race pace on the hard tyre was a lot better and we were trucking along OK on the soft. If yesterday is anything to go by we would have had good tyre life as well so we were looking very good.

“Our qualifying was very good today but we should have been there yesterday as well. Our rolling lap was good enough for P4 yesterday but we got the tyre focusing wrong. That was a lot better today.”

Mazda Protégé: One of Mazda’s Best Marketing Autos


Compared to the primary cars that the Mazda automobile making company introduced to the marketplace, the modern ones have actually appeared to be larger, advanced, as well as yes, much more pricey. Of course, for many firms, bigger plans have a better rate. Merely envision the GLC, or the Wonderful Little Auto. It was a fine sort of car, but with the substitutes done and also the technologies that Mazda has found out via the years, they have developed extraordinary vehicles like the Mazda Protégé.

The Mazda Protégé replaced the Mazda 323 in 1990. That year, the Mazda Protégé held four doors. Come 1995, it was altered as well as the substitute Mazda Protégé appeared to be 2 doors much less.

In spite of the high cost for the Mazda Protégé, consumers have actually also been gathering to get a hold of this automobile. This is since this automobile supplies a really comfy inside, a smooth driving experience and also a fantastic kind of handling. The efficiency is unforgettable. All these characteristics are found in merely one vehicle. That is why this has actually become one of one of the most sold Mazda vehicles. And also to consistently please their client base, Mazda has been gaining from their errors and they have actually been doing modifications annually.

The Mazda Protégé has been made available in three trim levels. The ES trim degree includes a 1.8 litre engine with 4 cylinders. It can generate an optimum of 122 horsepower. They hold bigger front disc brakes and also high quality typical equipments are likewise a part of this trim. As per the last two trim levels which are the LX and also the DX, both are powered by a 1.6 litre engine with four cylinders. It has the capability to create some 105 devices of horsepower. Criterion for all 3 is a five rate guidebook transmission. Provided as a choice is a four speed transmission.

Features for the Mazda Protégé include an underhood insulator pad, power assisted 4 wheel disc brakes, a shelf and pinion steering with variable power assist, an MP3 customized suspension as well as exhaust, front and rear stabilizer bars, a CFC free cooling, a remote keyless entrance system with lit up access, 17 inch alloy wheels with a hyper silver paint coating, alloy wheel locks, a satin surface grille, a tinted glass, fog lamps, flooring mats, a remote hood launch, along with a tachometer among lots of various other functions.

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Car Components: How Do I Find The Uncommon Ones?

Vintage cars as well as their vehicle parts are a custom of this nation. The U.S.A is special in its worth of the individual legal rights of the individual citizen consisting of the right to private property. This suggests that there are a bunch of enthusiasts as well as just like anything else that people worth automobiles break as well as need replacement components.

Older vehicles are valued for their age as well as the history they signify. They additionally put on down throughout the years and require reconstruction. The trouble is that there is a limited supply of these old automobile components as the versions are no longer made. So there is a substantial market for these components. This is just what I intend to review in the following several paragraphs.

So vehicle components are often sought to bring back a vehicle to its original working problem which is a state that is valued to experience essential record. Consequently the demand is high makings it less complicated to locate the automobile components due to the fact that their sale can be a profitable venture. So where do you discover these parts as well as where do they come from?

Well anywhere you find antiques you could discover these parts. Old estate public auctions, leave markets, as well as antique shopping malls. The trouble is that these could be considerably time consuming as well as commonly not really productive. So before you go you need to do your study. Body shops are good sources as they are frequently looking for vehicle parts, vehicle collectors are an additional beneficial source of details. Another great resource is the internet which unites generally all individuals with a comparable passion through forums, or bulletin boards, or blogs. If there belongs you have the best opportunity of discovering it on the internet.

An additional excellent location to seek things like out-of-date car components is on the on the internet auctions like If people seek it, that is if there is a market for it, compared to it is usually being sold on ebay. Often similar to when you restore anything you could need to buy more than simply that a person part (i.e. a whole auto that is often in disrepair or inoperable) yet that is what you take care of. The web is also a great place to purchase components for your brand-new weapons in addition to there are liquidators and also dealers for points similar to this on the internet.

Ideally this offers you a beginning as you seek to bring back and/or repair that sign of American freedom. Happy auto parts searching!

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Coulthard maintains strong championship position

spacerLockwood Racing’s Fabian Coulthard consolidated his third position in the V8 Supercar champspacerionship after finishing ninth in the final race of round four at the ITM 500 in New Zealand today.

The team battled all weekend to find an effective setup at the Pukekohe circuit and today was no exception, Coulthard qualifying 14th for the 200 kilometre hard-tyre race.

Coulthard and team mate Jason Bright scythed their way through the field early in the race but after a longer second pitstop for fuel and tyres, the Lockwood Racing Commodore fell down the order.

At the end of the 69 lap race Coulthard fought his way up to ninth, consolidating his position in the championship but unable to claim the coveted Jason Richards Trophy.

Fabian Coulthard

“We had pace for ninth or tenth all weekend so we need to go back and look at some data to establish why. Qualifying on the hard tyres has never been a strength this year so we need to look at what it is about the hard tyre but at the moment we’re struggling a little bit. The racing was today was all right but when you start that far back you shouldn’t be racing those people anyway. We moved forward, that was the main thing this weekend. We’re still sitting third in the championship, there’s a long way to go but for what I feel like wasn’t such a good weekend it’s still good to be sitting third in the points.” 

FPR’s Mark Winterbottom won the final race of the ITM 500 and with it the Jason Richards Trophy.

For full results of race 13 of the V8 Supercar championship, click here for our RACE CONTROL

In the championship standings, Winterbottom sits on top with 941 from Lowndes on 834 and Coulthard on 824.